James Hardie Siding “HardiePlank” Great Siding Option For Fire Resistance in Houston Southeast Texas Homes

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James Hardie fiber cement Siding is resistant to fires from a side wall entrance perspective.

James Hardie Siding (HardiePlank Siding) made from fiber cement is a great option for Houston Texas metro area for a fire resistance option for home siding. As we, Texas Home Exteriors, are out in the field bidding siding jobs for TX homeowners, we are often asked the question: “what siding option do you recommend as the best fire resistant siding?”

I find myself instantly answering with the same response for some time now, “James Hardie, HardiePlank Siding”.   Fiber cement siding, like Hardie, has great resistance to fire due to the cement like properties of the siding products.

As many Houstonians know, here it southeast Texas it can get stifling hot in the summer months and can even linger around for what seems like months with no end. We also experience times of drought to the point that our Texas lakes lose all their water due to evaporation, local usage for drinking and irrigation. This presents a problem for many homes close to any wooded area of Texas lakes because they are often built entirely of siding, containing very little brick putting the homes at higher risk of fire damage.  The siding on what I call “Texas lake homes” often consist of wood and many of these were built on a budget as second homes away from the city.

Loblolly_Pines_Texas_Home_Exteriors TX

Loblolly Pine Trees are common in East Texas which presents the possibility of rapidly moving fire dangers and the height of these trees make it nearly impossible to extinguish the flames.  Here is the Link to review the fire rating of James Hardie wall assemblies.   No building material guarantees a fireproof home, but there are some preventative measures Texas homeowners can take to better prepare for the possibility of fires, like installing a non-combustible home exterior siding product like James Hardie Siding (Hardie Plank) that are more resistant to fire.

Here in southeast Texas we have the tall and beautiful LobLolly Pine trees that grow up to 93-110 feet or more in height. Fire danger is a great threat to Texas homeowners in our area thus some insurance companies will allow further discounts for homes with fire resistant siding like HardiPlank siding installed in place of existing wood siding. Check with your local Texas insurance company and explain to them that you plan to replace your wood siding and inform them of which Hardie fire resistant siding you intend on installing. I have heard in the past how local TX homeowners have received reductions on their insurance as a direct result of installing fiber cement siding from James Hardie in Houston.

Texas Home ExteriorsNet James Hardie

You can clearly see in the image above, the fire resistance of fiber cement siding by James Hardie Siding (HardiePlank, Hardy Board). Hardie Siding provides a resistant barrier on the exterior of your home from a side wall entrance perspective.

HardiePlank siding does not easily catch fire, as you can be seen in the photo, a lit torch aimed at the fiber cement siding manufactured by James Hardie Products.

The Hardie Siding will NOT easily burn and clearly protects the flammable wood studs behind your Houston TX home Hardie Siding. This provides a great peace of mind for any homeowner in the Houston southeast metro area of Texas or anywhere in the country that may be at risk of experiencing a wildfire.

James Hardie warranties their siding for a full 30 years. This provides many years of increased fire safety for any homeowner whose home is close to surrounding large trees and would like this extra protection for their home and loved ones.

I hope that you have found this post informative and will pass it along or share it with those you believe may benefit from this fire resistant siding information. If you have a home or are building a home and are not considering brick, consider fiber cement fire resistant Hardie Siding and if you are in the Houston metro area, call me personally at Texas Home Exteriors 281-919-6999. Be sure to follow the Kapitan The Siding Man blog to see future posts about home exteriors and more.

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