What Will It Cost To Replace My Roof?

Roof Replacement Cost by Texas Home ExteriorsWhat Will It Cost To Replace My Roof?

Things Homeowners In Houston Texas Should Know!

As we have written this article, we wanted to make this applicable for the Houston Texas metro area. However, this is a great guideline for any state in the US. The time to replace your roof is some time when it is over 10 years or older. We would like to educate you with some information that you should be aware of. Those important things we have posted in this article for you below for your viewing on roof replacement cost.

old roofing shingles that need to be replaced What are the signs of needing my roof replaced?

You are noticing a leak or two and want to take care of the problem to prevent extensive water damage. Shingles have blown off of your roof. Another thing you may also be noticing more and more of the old roofing granules are showing up in your driveway. You see this even more after it rains. Or many of the roofing granules are in your gutter. This is a good indication it is time to consider roof replacement.

How is the roof replacement cost determined?

In most cases, there are four factors that will ultimately determine the total cost involved in a roof replacement. Although there are many roofing companies, here in our Houston Texas metro area. These roofing companies all use the same principles in gathering information on what to charge homeowners for their roof replacement. Considering this information can especially come in handy. You want to be educated as your home is often your biggest asset. You want to make sure that they are using, best roofing practices to ensure for a correctly installed roofing job.

Here is a quick 4 point list on roof replacement cost:

Roof squares size report1- The total size of your roofing area.

Of course, the larger your home the chances are that the roof area is going to be greater. This is especially true of one story homes and 2 story homes with steep pitched roofs. The more the total size of the roofing area, it is going to cost for the roof replacement. Roofing contractors will use a method called “total squares” of the roof to understand how large your roof is and how much material and labor will be needed for the project. In short, they are taking the total square footage of the roofing surface area. The more the squares of the roof, the greater the roofing project is going to cost.

roofing crew removing old roof 2 – The Existing Old Roof That Needs To Be Removed

What type of roofing material is currently on your home? Are there wood shingles on the roof now or are they composition (asphalt) shingles? And, how many layers of roofing are in need of removal? The more layers needing to be removed, the more the cost is going to be as this requires more labor and time. Also, the cost to take that removed roof to the landfill is also going to affect the cost. The more layers that have to be removed, the greater the cost.

Steep Roof With Roof Jacks 3 – The Slope of the Roof

Can you imagine working on a two-story home with a steep roof? Who is going to get up there to make repairs? Certainly not me, you could very well be saying to yourself. A home with a steep roof on a 2nd story home is much more difficult to work on and takes some skill and experience to safely maneuver the body, materials and tools in this situation. Because of this, the roofers install “roof jacks” every few feet, this is to prevent the shingles and the roofers themselves from sliding right off the roof which could be a very dangerous situation.

Steepness is one of the reasons the slope of the roof can affect the overall roof replacement cost, in this case would increase the cost as it will take longer and is a much more difficult roof to complete. Generally, the steeper the roof, the more it will cost to replace. Also, on the steeper roofs, you will need to nail the shingles with 6 nails instead of 4. This will stop the shingles from sliding off.

GAF roofing shingle selection 4 – Roof Shingle Product Cost And Selection

Every roofing manufacturer offers different roofing shingles which each come in a variety of styles and warranties. The longer the warranty, the greater the cost of the shingles. “Designer shingles” such as the ultra high definition shingles are more sought after and are more costly to manufacture so the manufactures naturally charge more.

This is where you can get as creative with your roof as you want, or not. There are many interesting roofing colors and shingles to choose from. For instance, should you choose a genuine slate roofing shingle product, you will paying 3 – 4 times for your roof as they affect the roofing cost big time! One suggestion that we have if you have is in the south of the U.S.. That is to consider installing an Algae resistant roofing shingle. They will cost just a bit more, however you will not have to deal with a roof that gets streaks after a few years.


Each of the above factors will have an impact on your total roof replacement cost. Each and every one of them have an effect on the total roof replacement cost. You might want to print out a copy of this to have handy so you can ask questions. Your roofing contractor will instantly know that you have some idea of what you are talking about.

We have more information on roof replacement cost on our website. This you should know and educate yourself as you move forward with the decision to replace your roof. That information link will provide you with even more insight and a more educated homeowner about roof replacement cost. Knowing how roofing companies gather a total roof replacement cost, will also arm you with knowledge and knowledge is power when talking with roofing contractors and getting all of your estimates together. This will make sure you do not get taken advantage of.

Greg Kapitan (kapitan the siding man)


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